Jumat, 26 April 2013

Alice Alice and her mind 1

when the boredom has attacked her innocent mind
the only one she knew was a piece of paper. This Alice was thinking about something else
she wish she had something to write down on that paper

just slipped mind had stricken down

"what about today, yeah i should write something about today", she said ambitiously

hmm nothing came out off of her mind. but a second later . . .

"ahh", half yelled.

Today, I was so happy. I do adore someone, everyday has been counted as day which i can be loved with his brightly eyes. but sadly he never saw me. Dear God, what should i do to make him could see me?

in a minute her face became gloomy

"SEE??? SEE?? AGAIN" her mind screamed like hell

so she had decided, she had to sleep. she's so done with her cracked mind
screwed up those ideas... screw you boy

oyasuminasai <3 she wish she could get attention only on her dream

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