Kamis, 27 September 2012

커피소년 (Coffee Boy) – 여드름 (Pimples)

hmmm I couldnt say anything about this song.
my friend asked me to download it

well this is a nice song....
eventhough the title ehem #cough "pimples"

Maybe i dont have any problem with pimples
but i know how the song writer's mind
how disgusting pimples are and all about those things

but i should laugh for this XDDD LOL

K-Indie ROCKS!!

here we go the lyrics

Na-reul bo-ji mal-a-yo

나도 이런 내가 싫어요

Na-do i-reon nae-ga shilh-eo-yo

아침이 두려운 난 거울 앞에 한숨 짓고

A-chim-i du-ryeo-un nan geo-ul ap-e han-sum jit-go

또 내 얼굴을 짓이기죠

Ddo nae eol-gul-eul jis-i-gi-jyo

내 어린날 앗아간 이 병은 도저히 낫지를 않아요

Nae eo-rin-nal as-a-gan i byeong-eun do-jeo-hi nat-ji-reul anh-a-yo

나았다는 소문도 내겐 상관없나봐 얼마나 시간이 흘러야 하는지

Na-att-da-neun so-mun-do nae-gen sang-gwan-eobs-na-bwa eol-ma-na shi-gan-i heul-leo-ya-ha-neun-ji

무던히도 아파했고 무던히도 울었던

Mu-deon-hi-do a-pa-haett-go mu-deon-hi-do ul-eott-deon

나의 얼굴과 맘에 새겨진 주홍글씨

Na-eui eol-gul-gwa mam-e sae-gyeo-jin ju-hong-geul-sshi

빨간 시들지 않는 꽃이여

Bbal-gan shi-deul-ji eobs-neun ggoch-i-yeo

이젠 내가 너를 받아들일께

I-jen nae-ga neo-reul bad-a-deul-il-gge

이런 날 사랑해…

I-reon nal sa-rang-hae


Don’t look at me
I, myself, don’t like the way I am
Scared of the morning, I sigh in front of the mirror
My face tramples down
My childhood sickness never seems to cure
The notification of recovery doesn’t seem to matter to me; how long time should pass

hurting and crying quite to a degree
The scarlet letter imprinted on my face and mind
Oh the unwithering red flowers
Now I shall accept you
I love myself just the way I am..

and here's the link

hmmm like a broken heart song = ____ =
but as long as you know
there's nothing you can do about it.

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