Jumat, 12 Oktober 2012

Kimochi No Uta

I know this is sound so bullshit for you all who believes in miracle
i dont believe there's a happy ending story
i dont believe a fairy tale
i dont believe a prince charming
i dont believe at something sounds 'happy'

Since this is my lovely month
when I'm going to be 18th
everyhting would be so special
especially you
You're the best gift ever

You came to my life by accident
I fell for you by accident
You knew me by accident
but the ending way, must be in accident. . . . .

I'm sorry
I didnt mean to do that. .
I'm not a liar
But you're my biggest lie I've ever made
Daisuki desu
Daisuki desu

I've never been in such a complicated position
Yes, you can say it
I'm a chicken, I'm a coward.... whatever you want
But this is... the best way
I'll remove you from my life
I do miss my normal life without you

From now on, you're my sweetest memory
I fell for you
I've got a crush on you
Daisuki desu. . .

Anyway, you're going to be married right?
with your pretty fiance
Wish you two all the best
She's so lucky to have you as your husband going to be

I wish I never met you
I wish you could see the real me as a girl
I wish for you

You're the sweetest hello and the hardest goodbye
Thank you so much
Hounto ni arigatou

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